Melissa June – Heart String

Melissa June is back with a new song: “Heart String”

May 2022 – Melissa June is an artist and songwriter based in the NYC area. She has always been majority passionate about music through life, because it is more than entertainment: it is a unique way to express herself and connect with others through meaningful, poetic lyrics. To this day, she loves to make music that feels personal, but also edgy, and quite easy to relate to. Recently, she has announced the release of a brand-new studio work titled “Heart String”. Much like some of the best works in the indie-pop / acoustic world, “Heart String” combines world-class musicianship with a penchant for great lyrical narratives, adding a storytelling component to the sound and going for a more personal and intuitive twist.

One of the best things about this project is the fact that it feels like a perfect introduction to the artist’s sonic vision, while at the same time it is deeply rooted within the Country Music genre, tipping the hat off to the golden age of the scene. Melissa’s performance is direct and energy-driven, and she tailored the dynamics of the song to absolute perfection. At the same time, the production is very good and the sound of the recording is endowed with clarity and dynamics. “Heart String” has a very warm vibe, which should definitely appeal to fans of emotional melodies and soothing soundscapes.

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