Megaciph – WOU

ArtistRack brings to you Megaciph – WOU:

WOU is a look into the many sides of Megaciph; a few of the lenses through which I view the world. I present the song in three 8 bar stanzas with the first being an introspective voice, the second stanza is self reflective as well but from an external voice and the third verse is an omniscient voice commenting on society as a whole. I don’t want to outright say what I think the song is about, I’d rather hear what you think it’s about in the comments section.

This superb footage was shot by my wife and my oldest son helped with camera setup and sound. We shot this video in the Crossroads Arts district in KCMO in front of the #LoveKansasCityWall mural at the Foxx Equipment company by KC’s own @Scribeswalk graffiti artist and teacher. From the icons on the wall to the gems in the song and the classic lighting and font used in the video edits this record is an homage to the Kultur of Hiphop