Megaciph – Nuchi Du Takara

Check out the Official Music Video for ‘Nuchi Du Takara’ by Megaciph

Nuchi Du Takara means All Life is a Treasure
Produced by: James Data
Written by: Miles Megaciph
Filmed by: Hanayo Oya & Will Griffin
Edited by: Will Griffin
All Rights Reserved 2018

Three strong delegations from VFP have been to Okinawa to stand with the people resisting base construction at Henoko and we have had the great honor of meeting Hiroji Yamashiro and seeing him in action.

We are pleading with everyone who watches this video to go to scroll down and on the right you will see the Petition to Drop All Charges Against Arrested Okinawa Anti-Bases Activists. Please sign this petition. This petition will be directly emailed to the court in Okinawa and to Japanese Ambassadors to the UN and the US. We want to make this a huge global campaign! Every signature counts. Please sign!

Say No to new US military bases in Okinawa

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