Matthew Schultz – Somewhere Far

Matthew Schultz’s new hit “Somewhere Far” has exploded on Spotify.

This track has wracked up almost 5 million streams already. It is featured on Spotify’s “Chill Hits” and has hit Viral 50 in 8 countries so far. It has also charted on Music Weeks Commercial Club Pop Charts.

Lyrically, it’s perfect for these summer months, about craving freedom and adventure with your lover: “She says ‘Take me somewhere far, let’s just jump inside the car, it’s the summer and no wonder I’ve been working way too hard….”. The words and music combine to create an evocative soundscape that captures the magical feeling of summer and chasing after the good times, a feeling everyone can relate to.

Overall, this is another slam dunk of a track from the prolific Matthew Schultz. It’s another anthemic, instantly memorable pop EDM song that will work equally well on radio and the dancefloor. With Schultz’s popularity snowballing with every new release, there’s every reason to think that Somewhere FAR will take his success to the next level and become the soundtrack for the second half of the summer.