Matt Legrand – What Christmas Means To Me (Stevie Wonder cover)

Matt Legrand – What Christmas Means To Me (Stevie Wonder cover):

Some artists need several impressions before anyone can tell they’re a star, but from the first time we discovered Matt LeGrand, we knew he had the goods. Born in France, he moved to Chicago with his family at the age of seven where he fell in love with music. After learning to play guitar and drums, he began writing songs of his own and found his footing and a sound all his own, combining booming beats, unforgettable melodies, and energy that radiates from the inside out. This remarkable young artist is impossible not to root for; the songs he sings are terrific, his look is dazzling, his confidence is undeniable, and the sky’s the limit!

Earlier this year we partnered with Matt LeGrand to promote the “All Good” music video, where he brought a Caribbean feel with both the song and the visual. Programmers and fans alike embraced the video, but Matt has not taken even a moment off since. He’s spent the past few months working with a vocal coach and choreographers, as well as spending every spare moment working hard to perfect his craft on his own. All this hard work is paying off, and the momentum has shifted in the world of Matt LeGrand.

The colder months are often a slow time for music, but wanting to give a special holiday treat to his fans, Matt LeGrand has given us his take on a holiday classic. Bryant Reid, the entertainment executive credited with finding the Pop Sensation Usher, showed him dozens of holiday songs but he gravitated towards “What Christmas Means To Me,” and fifty years after Stevie Wonder released his profoundly memorable version, Matt LeGrand has made the song current and given it his own vibrancy in what’s easily his best vocal performance to date. The “What Christmas Means To Me” video was filmed in Miami and to make it feel like the holidays despite it being 80 degrees outside, they dialed up the air conditioning and decked out the private residence with Christmas decorations. If you’re ready to get in the Christmas spirit, this video is sure to do the trick.