Mason PM – The Brazilians I Love (Universal Themes)

Check out, ‘The Brazilians I Love’ taken off the album Universal Themes by Mason PM

I wanted to create music that was inclusive, authentic and uplifting. Music that meant something to everybody; regardless of their station in life.

I believe that we all want the same things for ourselves – to be safe; to be loved and to be acknowledged. Our feelings are what unify us as a species.

Universal Themes is Album 1 in the ‘Reckonings’ pentalogy. A selection of songs about the human condition.

Album 2 in the ‘Reckonings’ pentalogy will land 16012024.

This particular song is about the exuberance of the Brazilians! What a gorgeous and hedonistic melting pot of cultures these people are. My tribute to them!

Thank you for listening, Mason PM.