Maro DēLo – Breathe You

Maro DēLo - Breathe You


Maro DēLo is back with a new single: Breathe You

February 2021 – Maro DēLo is a talented recording artist who has been plating music for a very long time. He was only six years old when he set his eyes and hands on a guitar for the very first time, and the affinity with the instrument was clear from the start. Over the years, Maro went on to refine his musical artistry and skills on the instrument, eventually specializing in rock, pop, and other styles of music.

His fantastic new studio release, “Breathe You,” is one of the latest examples of his skills. This song is definitely going to be your cup of tea if you enjoy artists like Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, The Killers, Dead Rituals or John Mayer, only to mention a few. There’s a certainly warmth to Maro’s guitar playing, and his vocals are equally as endearing and honest, leading to a unique combination of melody and energy.

Find out more about Maro DēLo, and do not miss out on this exciting new release. “Breathe You” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital streaming platforms on the web.