Mark Winters – Strong

Mark Winters presenting new single, “Strong.”

Mark Winters is a versatile singer and songwriter with a knack for energetic rock hooks and earnest lyrics. His sound tips the hat off to legendary rockers like Tom Petty and Neil Young. However, his music also channels contemporary indie influences, such as Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro, as well as John Mayer, among others.

Mark recently came back with a new single, “Strong.” This is another excellent released following a string of very well-received singles, including “Copper Queen” and “Be There.”

With “Strong,” Mark Winters managed once again to keep it simple and back to the basics, channeling his heartfelt vocal delivery and innovative approach. With cool vocal hooks and exciting guitar-driven riffs, this song hits the mark with its energy, staying true to the meaning of the lyrics and the legacy of Mark’s songwriting.

Find out more about Mark Winters, and check out “Strong,” which is now available on Spotify: