Mariannah y Diego – Llamado de Dios

Mariannah y Diego - Llamado de Dios

Mariannah y Diego welcome the New Year with the release of their new single, ‘Llamado de Dios’

Starting the new year, Mariannah y Diego launch a fresh new single about following one’s calling to serve the Lord, no matter the sacrifice. It was written as the world heads into a new year in 2021, and many of us have to make changes due to today’s difficult circumstances. It also plays brings feelings of nostalgia, touching on the tough choices of leaving behind a community, family, friends and comfort to carry out God’s work in the entire world. Mariannah sings her usual sweet vocals along with Diego’s sharp-sounding synths and pianos. The song is a tropical house/chill wave style with a beat build up. “Llamado de Dios” is being released as the first single of the duo’s new album launching in 2021, “…y Continuamos.”

The song is a testimony that following God’s calling will always pay off in the long run, no matter the risk. Sometimes, we may lose friendships, and sometimes we may need to move places. In the end, no matter the challenge, one can prevail if we chose the right path. In this new year, since we are now facing a new reality, this is the time to put away the difficulties of 2020 and move forward to continue one’s calling in life. This song talks about this path forward and invites the listener to be brave and don’t back down.