Mano Michael – Fading Away (Review)

Mano Michael has recently released a new studio work: “Fading Away”

December 2022 – Mano Michael (Previously known as Michael Ezoh “The Emotional Voice”) is an artist who has developed a wholesome, genuine and personal sound by allowing many different influences to merge in. What makes the artist’s music so unique is a stark combination of various styles. These include R&B, Jazz and easy listening, all blend ended into a seamless and inspiring formula.

Mano immediately stands out due to the soothing and effortless vibe of his music. “Fading Away” sounds accomplished and highly dynamic from the get-go, enabling the listener to experience a deeper dive into Mano’s artistic vision and personality overall. This one comes highly recommended to fans of artists such as Michael Buble, Sam Smith, Dean Martin, and Ray Charles, only to mention a few. If R&B and Soul-inspired music is your thing, “Fading Away” is the way to go!

Find out more about Mano Michael, and listen to “Fading Away”. This release is now available on some of the best digital streaming services out there.





Mano Michael, formerly known as Michael Ezoh “The Emotional Voice” is among the most talented multi-genre singers and artists across the globe. Originally from Nigeria, The soul singer relocated to Germany to further his goals as a professional singer and creator.
In 2011, He reached worldwide fame after “The Emotional Voice” performance in Olympic Hall in Munich, Germany. After this event, he became a Guinness World Record holder as the singer with the “World’s largest gospel choir”.

He sang in large arenas and performed all kinds of high-profile gigs while working on his debut album at the same time. In 2015, he released “Fly”, which was warmly received by thousands of his fans; the album was later remixed and featured Vector the Viper to fit the aesthetic of more modern pop and party genres.

In 2017, Mano Michael released “Amazing Grace” and “S.O.S.”, proving that he could seamlessly blend several distinct music genres into a harmonious, exquisite creation. By exploring different music styles, Mano Michael broadened his perspective and expanded his arsenal of music tools, which was reflected in his later tunes and albums.

Mano Michael resurfaced on the global music scene in 2018 with a single titled “Amina”, further cementing his reputation as one of the most impactful party creators and singers on the globe specifically catering to the elite. His gorgeously unique voice helped him climb the ladder of the most successful vocalists in record time.

In March this year, The Emotional Voice released “No Worries”, a single that has taken social media platforms by storm, showcasing his unique rhythm and groove sensibilities. He recently announced that a new song is soon to be released on November 25th, a title originally featured on his debut album called “Fading Away”.

The freshly remixed, remastered, and possibly reworked “Fading Away” expands on his legacy – he reached global renown with the biggest gospel choir in the world and is returning to the stage with a brand-new vision for the song that resonated with millions.