Majah Bless – Real People Do Real Things

Check out the visuals for ‘Real People Do Real Things’ by Majah Bless 

MAJAH BLESS, who spits rhymes like “Back in high school I used to DJ pon table top-but nowadays I’ve got the voice to mek yuh label pop.” Driven by the philosophy “Never let your address hinder your success”, Omaall Wright, artistically known as ‘MAJAH BLESS’ is destined for international greatness that surpasses his Denham Town, Kingston beginnings.

MAJAH BLESS represents the best expression of artistic fusion. He creates an eclectic mix of Dancehall and Reggae songs that will make your mind stand at attention and your body voluntarily rock and dip between the rhythms of his poetic songs.

The new single and music video Real People Do Real Things from MAJAH BLESS couldn’t come at a better time. As a new generation takes the reins, conscious one-drop with a dancehall fusion is needed more than ever to remind us of humble beginnings, self-motivation and love. When he’s not teaching drama or composing music, MAJAH BLESS is hard at work reviewing Real Ghetto Youth 2 scripts. He plans to release them as a web series throughout the year and release an album sometime this year.