Maestro Styles – 10 Pieces

Maestro Styles - 10 Pieces

Maestro Styles is back on the scene with a brand new instrumental release: 10 Pieces

February 2021 – This has been a hectic and strange time for artists around the world, but even in the scarcity of live performances, there is always a special place for talented creators. This is most definitely the case of Maestro Styles, who recently came out with a fantastic new instrumental album, aptly titled 10 Pieces, since it features ten excellent tracks. Each song has something special to offer, revealing Maestro’s versatility and his ability to vary his style and approach to production.

With a strong focus on creating the right mood and enhancing the quality of the production, 10 Pieces feels like a perfect representation of Maestro Styles’s talent. This fantastic release might remind you of icons such as the great J Dilla, as well as Flying Lotus. However, it is safe to say that there is something quite special about 10 Pieces’s music, making his sound utterly unique and one-of-a-kind.

Find out more about Maestro Styles, and listen to 10 Pieces, which is currently available on Spotify, as well as some of the main digital music streaming services on the web.