Little Muddy – Night Highway

Little Muddy presents new single, ‘Night Highway’

What inspired night highway?
Probably all of the nighttime drives i’ve taken over the years just subconsciously
led to the inspiration here. When i heard the completed track, and was searching for a title, the music just reminded me of those dark highway miles.

How i created it?
I remember that this track came together pretty quickly. The main guitar riff popped out soon after hearing the drum track, and from there the arrangement seemed to fall into place soon after. I then added some pedal steel style volume swell chords for atmosphere, and it was pretty much in place.

Production process?
My studio at home is pretty stripped down, and starts with me working in Logic Pro. For recording electric guitar as in this track, I was aiming for a gritty guitar tone with some vibe to it.

In general, the first few takes usually captures what i’m after. Most importantly, I’ve always aim to be a good editor of my own work so that I don’t get bogged down in the weeds, and can keep focus on what the song needs moving forward.