Lit Wuulvz – Satisfied

LIt Wuulvz release the visuals for their new single, “Satisfied”

Lit Wuulvz is a rap group from New Hampshire. They say that talent runs in the family, and this certainly appears to be the case, since this hip-hop outfit actually consists of 4 brothers! They have a vision: changing the music industry and bringing back the real vibes of authentic hip-hop.

Their songs are direct, authentic and truly personal, reconnecting with the powerful storytelling approach of the golden age of the genre. If you enjoy artists such as Eminem, Jadakiss or Lil Wayne, you’re in for a wild ride, because Lit Wuulvz is all about celebrating the sound of classic rap, while moving forward with new ideas and innovative sound structures.

Recently, the group announced a brand new release titled “Satisfied”, which is actually available on Youtube. The track represents a huge step forward for the group, as well as a unique showcase of the outstanding individual skills of every member involved in this release.