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Lisa Mac – Getaway Ft. Project Pat

It’s the best way to describe the violent storm of her abusive past, a secret prison that kept her controlled and quiet. For almost a decade Lisa Mac’s voice was stifled – but now she’s picking up the pieces on the other side, finding herself in the debris. Along the way, she also built up a community (affectionately named Studio688) of likeminded artists , friends and fans, all of who encouraged this Memphis native to carve her own path.

That path led her into the tutelage of guitarist and producer Elliot Ives (Justin Timberlake, FreeSol, Lord T & Eloise). Instantly, something clicked. It was clear from the start that Ives was the perfect fit to produce Lisa’s music, and with his help her vision began to take shape.

Her Memphis upbringing is immediately apparent upon hearing her music, a seamless blend of blues, pop and the city’s signature gritty hip-hop beats. Her new single “Getaway” is a stellar encapsulation of this aesthetic. It has the soul-soaked feel of the legends and the contemporary feel of the biggest top 40 hits of today.


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