Le Baron Rouge – Treesie

Treesie the second single off then Le Baron Rouges forthcoming album TTT (The Tree Theory)

Le Baron Rouge is the brainchild of Los Angeles based producer Joseph Parish,
The music & lyrics were written by Joseph, recently he was quoted in an interview; “Treesie was a song I wrote when I was in college dealing with a breakup and the subsequent fallout that ensued. Lousing friends because a breakup is never fun or easy, which I’m sure you know, sometimes though it would seem that removing oneself from the trama and or drama is the only way to maintain your own perspective within the events and or traumas that ensue. The Mountains in Treesie would then serve to represent obstacles we find in the process of removing ourselves from a painful moments. Also, remember if they actually are your friends its not a question for them to be there for you, it should be easy.” Joseph Parish

Treesie is available now and TTT is set to be released in the fall…