Kyd Knarly – Ben 10 (Review)

Kyd Knarly is back with a new release: Ben 10

November 2022: Kyd Knarly is an artist from Canton, Ohio. He sets the bar higher by making music that explores a huge variety of influences and styles, often setting the bar higher with so many distinctive ideas and a melodic twist to his trap formula.

Ben 10 is an explosive single, which highlights Kyd Knarly’s incredibly lyrical flow, as well as his ability to also bring some excellent melodies to the forefront of his vocals.

The song has some great piano melodies, as well as a huge 808-style beat with massive low end and a lot power through and through. The vocal delivery shines for its intensity, as Kyd Knarly is always eager to explore his feelings.

Find out more about the artist, and check out Ben 10, which is currently available on the web’s best streaming sites.