KTL Drank – Future

KTL Drank - Future

KTL Drank is back on the scene with a stunning new release, Future.

KTL Drank is an artist and songwriter with a one-of-a-kind take on his music. By allowing his personality to shine and going at it with a more creative angle, KTL Drank managed to come up with an innovative twist on trap music. His sound is also inspired by other styles, including soul-trap and hip-hop, only to mention a few.

The artist’s most recent studio release, Future, is actually a testament to his commitment to creating quality music, no matter what. The release has a good production, but more importantly, it is a catchy and gripping song that anybody could easily relate to. If you have been listening to a lot of Juice WRLD, or XXXTENTACION, this one is going to be right up your alley.

Ultimately, Future is a great showcase of what KTL Drank can accomplish with his music, and the sound of this release sets the bar higher on all fronts – from production excellence, down to the personable and committed performance captured on track by the artist.

Find out more about KTL Drank, and listen to LOO, which you will be able to find on your favorite music streaming platform.

KTL Drank Booking Information:
Upcoming artists: $1000
Officially established: $15000