King Flamma – So Gangsta

King Flamma presenting his new single, ‘So Gangsta’

Business man,Rapper,Entrepreneur,Artist, Designer and Writer King Flamma is a direct descendent of King Wraagbai Flammai also known as King George Flamma of the House of Sadio in the Flamma Kingdom in Zooday, that resides under the ancestral Mountain Karn-tro-kpoor in Rivercess, Liberia. The name ‘WRAAGBAI’ interpreted means the ‘WAR DRUM’, the instrument that tells the people to assemble King Wraagbai Flamma was given the name King George after King George III of England who abolished slavery in England in 1807 because of his successful fight against slavery in Rivercess.

Rap artist King Flamma chose the modicum in his music career of “King Flamma” deriving from tribal roots.