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Australian singer/songwriter, Kelli Brogan has performed in all facets of the entertainment industry, from television to radio. Kelli has opened major events and festivals in Australia and sung with many artists including Olivia Newton John.

Recently she released an award winning album worldwide, which is available both digitally and on cd on her website.

Kelli’s debut single, released in the US and Europe in 2015 was “But That Was Yesterday” winning Best Country Ballad at the Akademia Music Awards in the USA. Her second single “Till The End” also released in the US and Europe won Best Country Song at the Akademia Music Awards. Her debut album Kelli Brogan released November 21st 2016, won Best Country Album at the Akademia Music Awards. Kelli was also nominated for Country Artist of the Year at the 2017 Akademia Music Gala Awards Night in Los Angeles.

There is simply no denying Kelli Brogan’s vocal talent, sensitivity and impeccable musicianship in this exceptional collection of country jams




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