Keith Harkin – Mercy

The brand new music video ‘Mercy’ is by Irish singer/songwriter Keith Harkin. He’s a total road warrior, having toured and built followings in the UK, Canada, Australia and of course the states. He gained recognition from Grammy Award-winning Producer, David Foster, who ultimately signed him to Verve Records. Keith released his first solo debut album with Foster and Verve Records, where they watched it soar to the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts.
Since his first solo release, Keith has been writing all of his own material for his highly anticipated, second album On Mercy Street. For this deeper, more personal direction, longtime friends and talented producers Andy Wright and Gavin Goldberg took this album under their wings as if it were their own. Keith’s love for the classics (Don Henley, Glen Campbell, Tom Waits, Neil Young & Van Morrison show – to name a few) are reflected in his collection of folk-infused, acoustic pop sounds. Combined with his honey-thick voice and a full live band, Keith takes you on journey that creeps into his heart strings.
“Mercy” is a video that captures the essence of Keith Harkin in an energetic behind the scenes look at his life on the road.