Katie Cole – Call You Up

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Call You Up’ by Katie Cole:

“I co-wrote this with Jess and Steve from Jess And The Bandits. Originally, I thought this would be a song for them. But during covid and lockdowns I was going through songs and re-discovered it. And thought it would be a good fit to include in my latest upcoming EP Rivers & Roads. In its demo stage, the lyrics were still a bit… should I say “nice”. Haha. So I did what I do…. and re-wrote a portion of the lyric to fit the narrative that “I truly had in mind. This song has a real city and urban framing. So I decided to make this one about New York as I feel like at any given time there are a million hearts falling and a million hearts breaking each day. Amongst the chaos of a major city, we see and hear none of it. So this is where the person you love has broken up with you. You’re in shock and you just can’t decide whether to leave it alone or try to win them back. I think during a break up, we ask a lot of questions about life or love, all in a search for the meaning for it all. Basically, it’s normal to go down the rabbit hole reconsidering everything. Heartache makes you question whether any of the love was even real? If it wasn’t real, then is it even worth chasing after and saving? So there is a real emotional struggle in this story. I suppose it isn’t a happy song, but it’s hopeful for some type of resolution.”

Katie Cole will be joining The Smashing Pumpkins on their 2022 Spirits on Fire tour across North America supported by Janes Addiction.