Katie Belle – Carrousel

Katie Belle is back with the release of her new single, ‘Carrousel’

“Carrousel” ……With a strong sense of artful simplicity and an endlessly repeatable hook, Carrousel takes listeners on a deeply relatable ride into emotionally dense territory and offers them a brief and cathartic reprieve from their own cyclic struggles through Katie Belle’s stellar vocal performance!…… Jon Wright song review

Katie Belle is a singer-songwriter she has recorded in Nashville, LA and Atlanta her hometown. Performing since her early teens, Belle has developed as a songwriter and artist over the past 9 years. Having a successful run with songs such as Georgia Moon and American Wild She hit her stride in the Pop genre with 2018 release, “Promises”… song after song keeps her listeners interested and anticipating her next release. Her March 2020 release, Love Someone has achieved over 520k streams, Come join Katie Belle and take a ride on her newest release “Carrousel” and discover her music!