Kash Connor – Shades On 2:The Pre Game (Review)

Kash Connor is back with a new album: Shades On 2: The Pre Game (Review)

June 2022 – Kash Connor is back with a brand new studio album: “Shades On 2: The Pre Game”. This release is a very ambitious and incredibly well-executed take on contemporary hip-hop.

With an artist as openminded as Kash Connor, you get the feeling that anything can happen. If you are looking to listen to music with a more unique and distinctive flair, “Shades On 2: The Pre Game” is the album for you.

Kash Connor is an artist who is not afraid to speak up and ignite his lyrics with some attitude, and each song on Kash Connor hits with something special. The beats are also on-point, and the instrumentals are just as powerful as any of the artist’s performances. This one’s for you if you are a fan of artists such as Kanye West, as well as Joey Bada$$ or Kanye West, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Kash Connor and listen to this album. “Shades On 2: The Pre Game” is currently available on Spotify, as well as many other digital music streaming services on the web.