K-Syran – Red Dream

K-Syran announces the release of her brand new single, ‘Red Dream’

Multi-talented, international star, K-Syran, is a wonder woman who’ll blow your mind. With x2 US Billboard chart hits, a string of Music Week dance hits, movie roles, an author, director and lyricist; you’d think there isn’t much left to squeeze into the amazing world of this gorgeous Norwegian. But K-Syran doesn’t stop there, she’s also an activist in women’s rights, with her own play, ‘Breaking The Silence’, nominated ‘Best Play’ at the London Summit organized by Angelina and William Hague, whilst her self-penned track ‘Intimacy’ became the anthem for International Women’s Day. For 2020, K-Syran is stompin’ her stilettoed heels even harder as she stars in the leading role of the forthcoming movie ‘The Lady From The Sea’, whilst releasing a string of records which are making their mark on the electronic music scene.