Justin Tartol – Ghost

Justin Tartol - Ghost

Justin Tartol releases a new instrumental, “Ghost.”

Justin Tartol has a relationship with music that goes a really long way back. Ever since he was a kid, he knew that he wanted to be a songwriter and performer. Ever since then, he never stopped opening up to new influences and new vibrant ideas, creating his own music and learning the tricks of the trade.

Ultimately, Justin focused on the production of instrumental music, going for a powerful and direct feel. His tone is very eclectic, as Justin is inspired by a wide variety of genres and artists.

He doesn’t discriminate: as long as music brings some kind of emotion, he is all for it! As a result of his open-minded approach, Justin is able to create releases that really connect with the audience. His beats are cinematic and textural, with a nice sense of balance. Being a trained music producer, (He graduated from the Los Angeles Recording School), Justin goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of his mixes!