Introducing Justin Dearborn

Album Artwork (Youtube)

As a recording artist, Justin Dearborn’s music fuses elements of electropop and dance-pop into a genre that markets itself exceedingly well in the mainstream commercial music world. His vocals exhibit a unique quality, combining the technique of powerfully-sung tenor phrases along with a warm, rich tone. writes, “[His] vocals start off with a lilting tone, the kind of young male tone that so easily makes the girls swoon”.

Based out of Boston, he has collaborated in the recording studio with a team of multi-platinum producers, including Andrew Goldstein (Britney Spears, Jason Derülo, Selena Gomez) and Brad Young (LMFAO, New Kids on the Block) — all of which who have worked closely with him to bring his creative vision to life. As his catalogue of material grows, he continues to draw inspiration from both past and present musicians — including the iconic artists of the late 90s all the way up to today’s Billboard Hot 100 players. Comparable to his musical predecessors yet still maintaining his own individuality, comments, “[He] has boy band charm all on his own”.

With songwriting being the foundation of his work, Dearborn’s original track list serves as the tip of the iceberg for his heart as an artist. He is just as dynamic as he is charismatic, and has no plan of slowing down. Whether he’s performing an intimate set at a nightclub in the city or an event holding thousands, his music proves to be impactful and continues to reach a wide demographic. concludes, “This is the kind of pop that does its job so well — always leaving the listener thirsty for more”.