Julz – The Shadow

Julz - The Shadow

Julz is back on the scene with a brand new studio release The Shadow.

July 2020 – Hailing from the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, Julz is a talented singer and songwriter who brings a breath of fresh air to the local music scene, and beyond. His style is melodic and catchy, but also raw and energetic, in the vein of rock singers like Chris Cornell or Dave Grohl.

Every now and then, you get music that hits the mark in every respect. From performance to production, down to personality and attitude. Julz definitely managed to achieve that with his most recent studio release, The Shadow. This project is a prime example of the artist’s commitment to create astonishing studio material, and there is something quite special about his willingness to focus on details in the sound, and not just the bigger picture. What I mean is, some artist have this “fix it in post” mindset, but Julz has a more human, genuine connection with his music, leading to some amazing results. This can be head on The Shadow, which has a lot of warmth, and it is arguably the product of the artist’s genuine passion!

Find out more about Julz, and do not miss out on his most recent studio release, The Shadow, which is currently available on the best digital music streaming platforms on the web