JULY – My Fault

JULY brings to us his brand new single, ‘My Fault’

The average rap artist seems to want everything handed over. Fame, success, money, fans…only problem is – the average rappers don’t really understand what it takes to make things truly work for them.

Thankfully, JULY is not your average rapper, and he is the kind of artist who understand that nothing is possible without the real and hard hustle. His life story brought him to a real rollercoaster.

He went from sleeping in a car, to starting his own record label with his brother. Both of them gave everything they got to this release, and “My Fault” will certainly stand the test of time, because it is a song that feels energetic, direct and personal.

There is a lot of passion and vision that went into this work, and the production is of world-class quality. The beats are powerful and direct, forming the true backbone of the song, along with the stunning layers of melodic elements and lyrics.

JULY’s vocals are highly recognizable and extremely distinctive, making for a powerful and direct feel.

Find out more about JULY, and watch his career closely, as it is about to take off big time!