Joseph Parish – Beau

Joseph Parish (Joe Parish & Uplifters Ranch) introducing debut single, Beau.

May 2020 – Joseph Parish, is a singer and songwriter also known for under the alias of Joe Parish & Uplifters Ranch, which is the name of his backing group. As an artist, he loves to combine the direct attitude of folk music and the energy of rock, going for a direct and energetic approach that still retains so much intimacy and a great focus on storytelling.

Recently, Joseph marked his debut with the release of his very first single, “Beau.” The track has a very organic approach to songwriting, and the warm production is enticing and natural, highlighting the real playing dynamics of these musicians, as well as revealing Joseph’s artistic personality without hiding behind any studio trickery whatsoever. This is particularly special, especially in a time when country and rock artists are often embracing over-polished studio aesthetics that don’t really reveal their personality as musicians.

If you are a fan of artists such as Neil Young, as well as Buffalo Springfield, this one is definitely going to be something worth checking out. Listen to “Beau” on Spotify, and on other music streaming platforms.