Jordan E. Spivack – The Miracle Of Life (feat. Christine McHoes) – Review

ArtistRack has the pleasure of reviewing Jordan E. Spivack’s new single: The Miracle of Life (feat. Christine McHoes)

October 2020 – Jordan E. Spivack is a talented artist and songwriter who loves to create music for people to relate to.

His lyrics are personal and intuitive, often touching on topics that are relevant to the audience. Such is the case of his most recent single “The Miracle of Life.” This song is particularly special because it actually features a collaboration with another fellow talented artist by the name of Christine McHoes.

It is really undeniable that the pair managed to develop a perfect chemistry on the song, Creating some tuneful melody That unfold beautifully throughout the song. Everything in the mix is balanced and creative, and the dynamic intensity of this song hits the mark, by creating a really balanced and diverse sound from the intro, the the very last note of this well-produced studio effort. All in all, there is something truly special about how this production unfolds, going for a modern, vibrant twist. 

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