John Dartnell – Damn It All

John Dartnell presenting the visuals for his latest release, “Damn It All.”

John Dartnell is a singer-songwriter with a focus on creating beautiful, poignant and direct music. He loves country music, and learned valuable lessons from some of the best names in the industry. However, he managed to develop a unique style that feels quite intimate and personal, yet appealing and easy to relate to. His most recent release, “Damn It All,” is a striking example of his personality and love for musical storytelling. Besides the amazing quality of the production, the first thing that you might notice is certainly the personable songwriting style. In perfect country fashion, John is deeply connected with what he sings about, and it really shows. This real music, that comes from one heart, to another.

This is a honest, direct song which will effortlessly make its way into the heart of the listeners.This talented English artist is a versatile talent, and his work has appeared on major media across the UK

Find out more about John Dartnell and don’t miss out on “Damn It All,” which is now available on the Internet