Joeyniles – Death Has No Friends

Joeyniles - Death Has No Friends

Death Has No Friends – Single Release

Woodland Park, New Jersey – June 3, 2018 – The Single Release of Death Has No
Friends, It’s Genre Is Heavy Metal, Metal and Christian Metal Pre-Order Release
Date is 6/2/2018 and Official Date is 6/12/2018, being release by songwriter Joe
Aponte, AKA JoeyNiles. A message of love and warning.

The purpose behind Death Has No Friends is to get a very important message out to those who would listen. It is not about the writer Joe Aponte aka JoeyNiles, it is about a message of love, reaching out and a warning to those who oppress and abuse others. A reach out to those who are contemplating suicide, murder, and an atrocity. There is a higher power, and He is reaching out to all who would listen through this single. Don’t concentrate on the man, just listen to the message. The writer JoeyNiles hopes it will save lives and help to stop all these killings. Change begins in the heart.



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