Joey Job – Can’t Hold Me Down

Joey Job brings to us meaningful new single “Can’t Hold Me Down”.

Joey Job, also known as Joey Johnson, had the opportunity to learn a lot about music. Ever since he was only a child, he had been dreaming about becoming a singer, and actor and a model, but growing up Decatur, Ga, was not always easy.

Ever since he was only a kid Joey was cast into a lifestyle of crime and street hustle. However, he managed to turn his life around, and become a keen believer of the Kingdom of Heaven, and he is dedicated to spreading the work and get as many people as possible closer to Heaven with the positive message behind his song releases.

His most recent track, “Can’t Hold Me Down”, is a pretty inspiring track, which takes hip-hop to a whole new level of meaning and vision. With such great melodies and clever lyrics, you just can’t go wrong.

Joey Job is more than just an artist: he is a symbol of the fact that anybody can turn their lives around if they wanted to!