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Jmaxx – Sassy Girl

South African born singer and songwriter Justin Egling, better known as Jmaxx, is making quite the splash here in the USA. His initial foray was in 2012, when he lit up venues in both Atlanta and New York City, culminating with the release of his single “Born To Be Famous.” This was just the first piece of the puzzle, and he quickly followed up by releasing his outstanding full length album, Kiss of the Spider. Building upon earlier successes, Jmaxx is back with his single, “Sassy Girl,” and a dynamic music video to boot!

“Sassy Girl” is dedicated to women working within the entertainment industry, born out of the respect and admiration they deserve. Jmaxx says “It would please me greatly if the women of the world could rediscover their inner power and purpose” The Sassy Girl tune is a fun, upbeat and catchy pop tune.” The message is powerful, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun. Crafting infectious dance pop songs is what Jmaxx is all about, and “Sassy Girl” hits it out of the park with an eager groove and a hook that will worm it’s way into the listener’s ear for days on end.



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