Jimmy Francis – Christmas In Hawaii

Jimmy Francis to release brand new Christmas single, Christmas in Hawaii.

The weather is getting cold pretty much everywhere, but not every Christmas scenery is covered in snow and ice. Some people are lucky enough to celebrate Christmas in a warm place, and this is definitely the case of people who live in Hawaii, a pacific island where Christmas is sunny and warm!

 Singer and songwriter Jimmy Francis managed to create a very catchy song about spending Christmas in Hawaii, combining folk instruments with exciting melodies and a striking indie-pop sensibility. This song has a very distinctive structure because it turns simplicity into a weapon. Jimmy Francis is a skilled songwriter and musician who knows that great songs do not need to be complicated. It is really all about finding the right balance in creating something that truly connects with the listeners. In this case, the familiar melody of the song echoes back some of the most beloved Christmas traditions. However, the instrumental parts have a very distinctive Pacific twist, especially because of the standing slide guitar tones, and acoustic elements thrown into the mix. Jimmy has a really emotional voice, bringing a lot of depth to this release. In addition to that, the recording quality is very special, bridging the gap’s between retro aesthetics and modern clarity.

Learn more about Jimmy Frances and do not miss out on Christmas in Hawaii, which is now available on the web.