Jet Jurgensmeyer – A Lot More Love

Jet Jurgensmeyer announcing the visuals for his new single, “A Lot More Love” 

Jet Jurgensmeyer  is an artist with a rather unique approach to his blend of music. The sound of his songs is absolutely unique, as it blurs the lines between a wide variety of genres, ranging from rock to pop and even electronic music. Jet Jurgensmeyer  is all about connecting with the audience on a deeper level, and his new release, “A Lot More Love,” is really a testament to the artist’s ability to blur the lines between a wide range of styles. The song immediately stands out due to the lush and cinematic melodies.

The tuneful hooks soon make  way to a nice and edgy rhythm, and some great vocal tones. This is a very uplifting track, but is is actually also very direct and upfront, really portraying Jet’s personality. In addition to the artist’s amazing performance, the production is also notable and the diverse feel of this release is absolutely outstanding. If you are a fan of artists like Coldplay, Ed Sheeran or John Mayer, you will really connect with this particular release.