Jaycent D Brock – Koolness (Review)

Jaycent D Brock - Koolness (Review)

Check out the music review of the new single “Koolness” released by Jaycent D Brock

Jaycent D Brock is a charismatic singer and songwriter with a life-long passion for R&B, Pop, Soul, and beyond. What’s really special about his music is definitely the fact that his sound is timeless, blurring the lines between classic influences and modern inspirations.

Jaycent D Brock reminds listeners of classic acts such as Stevie Wonder, Seal, or Ray Charles, but it also echoes the sound of modern day heroes such as Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, as well as Boyz II Men, only to mention but a few. More importantly, Jaycent D Brock has the uncanny ability to relate to the audience with his lyrics, and through the sheer power of his melodies. His most recent studio release is an amazing song named “Koolness,” which represents yet another milestone for this artist, after a series of well-received singles that he released through the internet. This track, which is now available on Soundcloud, features Jaycent’s full-ranging vocal talent, with unique dynamics and smooth lyrics. The sound of his voice is direct, yet sultry and soothing, giving listeners a fantastic experience with lots of memorable moments and iconic passages as the song evolves. “Koolness” is one of Jaycent’s most memorable tracks to date, and a fantastic addition to his growing collection of world-class songs.

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