Jasper Good – Night Sky

Jasper Good introducing new poignant relationships-themed song, “Night Sky”

Jasper Good is a singer and songwriter based in Montreal, Canada. His most recent single release is a very emotional over look at what happens in relationships where people seem to be rushing right into being with another person, not because they are driven by love, but because they are pushed by their fear of emptiness, and they just want to fill that particular void. The track is titled “Night Sky.” His sound is melodic and atmospheric, yet intimate and direct, tipping the hat off to different ideas and styles, which really showcase Jasper’s incredibly vast and dynamic musical range.

The track has a very modern pop vibe to it, inspired by a diverse range of styles and genres. Fans of artists as diverse as Drake, The Weeknd, and Mac Miller will certainly connect with this track, and with its incredible emotional overtone.

Find out more about Jasper Good, and listen to Night Sky directly on Youtube, where the song’s official music video is currently available