Jason Spinner – Leto

Jason Spinner releases his new single, ‘Leto’

Jason Spinner is an electronic dance music DJ and Producer from Tampa, Florida, formerly from San Francisco Bay. He is well known all along the West Coast for his innovative style and creative, heart pounding sets. His performances have gained national attention for his special one-of-a-kind “live-on-the-fly” remixes, setting the precedent for live set remixing at an unparalleled level. On April 19th he released his new trance single worldwide called Leto. It is available on every music platform.

Born in Los Angeles, Jason grew up in Detroit where he fell in love with the Motor City techno music scene. In time he had the opportunity to watch vinyl artist extraordinaire, DJ Jeff Mills, (aka “The Wizard”). This experience gave Jason the motivation that led him to pursue electronic music production. Jason studied extensively and mastered the art of mixing vinyl records before ever moving forward with the use of other equipment such as CDJ’s.

In addition to DJ’ing, Jason produced a podcast series for several years “Trance Hitz”, (available on his Mixcloud page), which become one of the hottest new podcasts online reaching over 30,000 listens in just under 3 weeks. For this, he gained a great deal of attention from Mixcloud earning him placement as a featured artist and the title of one of the “best up and coming artists of 2018”.