Jared Justen – Vanquish All

Jared Justen - Vanquish All

Jared Justen presents ‘Vanquish All’ taken from ‘Wolves Teeth’ which is available on All Platforms

Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Jared Justen has just released his latest album, Wolves Teeth.

Wolves Teeth is Justen’s second album after his debut album, Sky Align. On the indie folk album, Justen draws inspiration from his many musical influences, including Mariusz Duda, Riverside, Anathema, Jose Gonzalez, and more.

Jared Justen began developing his music skills while he was a civil engineering student at the University of Minnesota. Inspired to learn how to play guitar, Justen followed through on his New Year’s resolution, honing complex skills and techniques outside the realms of typical acoustic music. By this time, Justen had been writing poetry for years as a creative outlet and was able to transition into songwriting.

Justen says, “My approach to this record was more about singing and simplifying the guitar work. I was aiming to give it a more popular sound.”

Wolves Teeth reflects on the “dark period” Justen experienced in early adulthood. During this period, Justen suffered from anxiety, feeling as though facing his fears was like facing the teeth of hungry wolves. The personal vulnerabilities and frustrations in his lyrics result in a sincere and powerful album.

About Jared Justen

Jared Justen is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been playing guitar for over 10 years and writing songs for about 9 years. Justen cites Jose Gonzalez as an important influence because of his deceptively simple take on guitar-focused acoustic songwriting. Justen’s own introverted nature is also a major influence on the honesty and creativity of his music.