James McCullum AKA Jimmiejamez – ROCK YOUR WORLD

Artistrack brings to you ‘ROCK YOUR WORLD’ by James McCullum AKA Jimmiejamez

Let me introduce you to Recording Artist James McCullum AKA Jimmiejamez! James, also known as Jimmiejamez.
James, is a stylistically innovative Entertainer, Musician, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, and Engineer. His Performance group was called The James McCullum Project.
As a Songwriter, James weaves and welds Words and Music, designing Lyrical Masterpieces that form a Lethal Musical Weapon whose organic drive and visionary message come across the stage like a tornado engulfing the Land of Oz. Once heard, the Sonic Eargasm can only be the Cutting Sledge Sound of James McCullum AKA JimmieJamez…

James McCullum distinctive signature blend of music and vocal arrangements set him apart from anything you’ve ever heard…….