James Douglas Cooper – Feel It, Feel It, Today

‘FEEL IT, FEEL IT, TODAY’ is James Douglas Cooper’s new atmospheric, surf-rock single out now on all streamers globally! The track drew huge inspiration from morning surfs on Sydney’s northern beaches. “There’s a way the ocean can repeatedly teach you about your limitations, humble you, and thrill you – excite you and fill you with the ‘stoke’ all at once”, says Cooper. “I loved playing all the guitar licks on this one, on my brother’s Fender Telecaster which he kindly loaned me during the Aussie lockdowns”. As a cross-disciplinary artist, the last 2 years has offered Cooper a unique chance for inquiry, exploration and creativity. Cooper notes, “For me, I’ve been writing music consistently since the ‘Great Pause’ (or, the stopping of the world) back in March, 2020… I’ve written and been recording around 3 albums worth of new material.

I’ve been recording and writing in non-traditional ways and deeply enjoying the process. The first new album of material is due to drop in the early new year around February or so. This will be my first new full record since 2012 and it’s very exciting as we can work (as artists) in completely different ways to 10 years ago.” Cooper goes on to say. The new single, ‘FEEL IT, FEEL IT, TODAY’ is a cut taken from the first new record due out February, 2022 from Cooper.