James Douglas Cooper – Beautiful As You (Reissue)

James Douglas Cooper PRESENTS: Beautiful As You (Reissue)

James Douglas Cooper’s upbeat, optimistic and hooky folk-pop song ‘Beautiful As You’ initially appeared as a promotional song for his (then upcoming) album ‘Second Season’ way back in 2004. The initial North American label pressing featured the cut, and his stage shows in London and Sydney prominently featured the catchy love song. By the time his Australian edition of his ‘Second Season’ album was released a year later, a new cut was featured in the running order in place of ‘Beautiful As You’ as a different version of the song had been enjoying another life elsewhere.

Now, for the first time in around 15 years, Cooper’s 2004 recording of ‘Beautiful As You’ – featuring gorgeous backing vocals by Suzy Connolly (Butterfly 9) and his brother Greg, a four part live horn section, and a hypnotic, travelling brushes drum and bass groove from co-producer Michael Carpenter – is released as a reissue to global streaming services.

“Beautiful As You” was written by Cooper, co-produced by Michael Carpenter (Youth Group, Amy Vee) & Michael McGlynn (L-FRESH THE LION), mixed my Michael Carpenter, and mastered by Rick O’Neil (Bob Dylan, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, INXS).