Jalal Andre a.k.a Glorybots – Nomad (Review)

Jalal Andre a.k.a Glorybots - Nomad

Check out our review of the new single ‘Nomad’ released by Jalal Andre a.k.a Glorybots 

Jalal Andre a.k.a Glorybots is an artist who doesn’t abide to the average standards and genre categories. His sound is a refreshing blend of different genres, creating a chimerical combination of post-punk, and dark alien pop.

The Seattle artist recently released a new track titled “Nomad.” Old-school Star Wars fans might recognized the sinister drone from “The Empire Strikes Back” on the cover, which makes for a very ominous industrial feel, matching the song’s aesthetics.

“Nomad” is a very innovative track with a very distinctive spirit. The song begins with a darker textures, combining drum machine beats with fuzzy soundscapes and garage-y guitar tracks. The vocals make me think of artists like Bauhaus and Queens Of The Stone Age, with direct, yet energetic melodies. The song takes an amazing turn, seemingly opening up with amazing falsetto vocals and huge melodies. It’s almost like a sunny afternoon, opening up after a gloomy morning filled with grey clouds!
The structure of this song is very eclectic, and it really serves as a good indication of the artist’s fantastic creativity. The production is intuitive and there is really something magical about all of these different elements coming together!

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