Jack Rootes – Let Go (Review)

Jack Rootes - Let Go (Review)

[MUSIC REVIEW] Jack Rootes presents: Let Go

May 2021 – Jack Rootes is an artist who sets the bar higher by combining modern rap aesthetics with some lush, atmospheric sounds. His most recent studio single, “Let Go” begins with a dreamy, cinematic introduction, which sets the bar higher in terms of creating a very immersive listening experience for the audience. Besides the darker, melodic and atmospheric approach to the production, one other thing that really stands out is Jack’s vocal delivery. The sound of the vocals is brighter than the instrumental, which is actually really great because it enables the vocals to cut through the dense mix, ensuring that every word is intelligible. “Let Go” is a very personal song and it’s kind of important for the audience to be able to understand the relatable and heartfelt lyrics. The mix helps Jack achieve this to perfection, while also bringing some extra punch to the sound of this release.

This one is highly recommended if you like the work of artists such as Kanye West, as well as Juice WRLD, only to mention a few!

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