Israel Carter – Ngarrindjeri

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Ngarrindjeri’ by Israel Carter:

My name is Israel Carter and I’m a music producer/songwriter/sound engineer/DJ from Melbourne Australia

I have been making electronic dance music since 2010 where I released my first song called Don’t Hold Back which I released on Acunadeep record label. Since then my style of music has developed over the years to my latest funk inspired song called Impervious which I made with the very talented Sarey Savy and Moia Bri.

As well as music ’m also a professional sound engineer and studied sound production RMIT university.

I have had many releases over the years most notably my Sunset Paradise EP which was released in 2018 on Bondi Beach Records and has been a huge achievement of mine.

In 2018 I have done more collaboration with many vocalists such as Karma and Sunrise with vocalist Sarey Savy and Beyond The Horizon, Oceans and Floating On The Water with Saskia.

With this song i wanted to incorporate aboriginal musical elements into my music being an aboriginal person it has a very personal connection for me and i feel this song has a very emotional and unique sound that is very different to any other music out there.