Introducing Liana

Introducing Liana

Introducing Liana:

Hi guys my name is Liana…………..

I have been a singer for a long time and have been trying to find my feet and a sound, after many auditions and stints and journeys; I have finally managed to FIND that sound and make my official debut release:

I would say I am influenced by a vast array of sounds, I like pop, r&b and Afro-beats.

The artists I am influenced by are: Lauryn hill, Cristina Aguilera love her voice (not a fan of the music),
Amy winehouse, Dua Lipa and Charlie xcx and of course Rihanna.

I try and write with the swagger they all portrayed in their music and provide a melodic delivery, I have some serious songs and some playful party songs.

The question where do I want to be in a few years? Having my sound liked and played everywhere.

Hope you guys enjoy the song!!!!