Introducing Kelli Brogan

Kelli Brogan

Kelli Brogan was born in Melbourne, Australia. The eldest of two children, she was raised in a single parent family after her parents divorced when she was 4 years old and her brother was 18months. From a young age, her mother introduced the family to country music, musicals and ballroom dancing. On car trips they would sing in the car along to some of the greats, Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire, Vera Lynn.

While in Primary school, Kelli joined a competitive theatrical dance school. This is where Kelli learnt to perform. She would watch musicals on TV and talent shows like Young Talent Time and New Faces. The advice given out by the judges on these shows were Kelli’s initial singing lessons. Kelli also got her first break in TV, performing in the Rainbow Brite Commerical and dancing on Carols by Candlelight.

In Secondary school Kelli started her music education and changed from theatrical dance to ballroom dancing or as it is now called Dancesport, teaming up with her brother. They were both very successful, both as partners and with the partners that followed. By the time Kelli reached University, she was the National New Vogue Champion. Winning 2 years back to back being undefeated anywhere in Australasia. While competing in Dancesport Kelli also continued to sing as often as she could. She won the Highpoint Talent Quest Adult section even though she was not yet 16. Kelli sang at weddings, funerals, public events and festivals. Kelli also sang the theme song for the Westlakes Commercial, and acted in that commercial.

By the time Kelli was 21 she became a professional dancer and so her singing was put on the back burner. She competed at 3 World Championships and went on to win a Professional New Vogue Title before moving into retirement. During this time Kelli worked as A Primary School Teacher and also co-wrote and had published her first song “You Can Do It”. This was running up the International Song Writing Contest and went on to be published in the JAMM Book for 2007. This book and CD is used in schools across Australia, New Zealand and The UK. Kelli joined a band known as ENCORE. They performed at private functions and invitational events.

At age 36 Kelli got an unexpected surprise for her birthday. While at Work Kelli had an Ischemic Attack and with tests done at the hospital Kelli was diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm. The next six months were anxious until Kelli was operated on and the Aneurysm was sealed. Kelli realized during this time that life was far too short to waste and that every opportunity was a gift that needed to be accepted and used.

Kelli started writing songs again, went back to focusing on her singing and sang at as many events, as she possible could as a solo artist. She opened National Dancesport Championhips with the National Anthem and joined a Trio known as “Hot Ice”. This consisted of Al Pantano Live and Charles Attard. Individually these musicians were fantastic and together they were simply amazing.

In 2014 Kelli finally got the opportunity that she had always dreamed of. While recording a Christmas CD to raise money for Juvenile Arthritis, a record label head heard her sing. He offered her the opportunity to record a song that he had written and after recording it he liked it so much that he offered her the opportunity to release it as her first single. Kelli accepted and the rest is as the say history.

“ But, that Was Yesterday” was released digitally worldwide on September 14th 2015. Her latest single – “Till The End”, was released on April 4th 2016 worldwide.

After many years singing In bands and doing Support gig’s for people like Olivia newton John, Dennis Walter. etc Kelli is ready for the For the next part Of her career. After being approached by Steve Lowry Co-owner of SCL.Records and offered a record deal.