Introducing Ian Shelvey

Ian Shelvey, a budding artist nestled in the heart of Pittsburgh, crafts his music from the cozy confines of his bedroom studio. At just 20 years old, Ian has already distinguished himself with five official releases, each one a testament to his dedication to exploring the depths of human emotion through music. Working as a solo artist, he writes and records everything himself, pouring his soul into every note and lyric.

His latest release, “Marmalade,” dropped on May 10th, epitomizes his artistry. The track is a delicate yet powerful composition that balances simplicity with emotional intensity. The resonant piano keys blend seamlessly with rhythmic guitar percussions, setting a rich backdrop for Ian’s potent, soul-stirring vocals.

“Marmalade” features lyrics that are not only thoughtful but are crafted with the intent to resonate deeply with his audience. Ian’s goal is clear: to forge a genuine connection with his listeners, inviting them into his world of introspective storytelling. As he continues to share his heart and craft with the world, Ian Shelvey is a name to watch, a young artist truly committed to leaving a mark on the hearts of those who encounter his music.